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Product Overview

Sensor Technology        CONTACT US

Sensor Technology

Incremental, absolute and SIL Encoders, Linear Measuring Systems and Inclinometer.
Incremental Encoders       CONTACT US

Incremental Encoders

Incremental Encoders with shaft or hollow shaft.
Absolute Encoders       CONTACT US

Absolute Encoders

Absolute single- and multiturnencoders.
Linear Measuring Systems        CONTACT US

Linear Measuring Systems

Magnetic measuring system, Draw-wire systems, Measuring kits.
Inclinometers         CONTACT US


Inclinometers IS40 and IS60.
Connection Technology         CONTACT US

Connection Technology

Connectors, cables and fiber optic modules.
Accessories         CONTACT US


Isolating inserts, Measuring wheels, Couplings, Bearing, Spring encoder arm, Mounting brackets etc.
Counting Technology           CONTACT US

Counting Technology

Counters and Timer, Tachometers, Position displays and Multifunction devices.

Anzeigezähler        CONTACT US

Pulse Counters

Electromechanical and electronic counters.
Vorwahlzähler        CONTACT US

Preset Counters

Easy control of count, time and rate.
Zeitzähler      CONTACT US

Hour Meters / Timers

Electromechanical and electronic timer.
Zeitvorwahlzähler    CONTACT US

Time Preset Counters

Electromechanical and electronic preset hour meters.
Tachometer     CONTACT US

Frequency Meters / Tachometers

With or without limits.
Positionsanzeiger       CONTACT US

Position Displays

Programmable for many applications.
Multifunktionsgeräte      CONTACT US

Multifunction Devices

Multifunction displays and Display counters with dual functions.
Energie-Zeit Zähler       CONTACT US

Energy-Time Counter

Energy and hour meter.
Zubehör       CONTACT US


Enclosures, Transparent covers, Bezel adapters, Slip-on bezels and Connection boxes.
Our wide, diverse variety of electromechanical counters as well as our miniature counters for PCB mounting – our special area of expertise – make ideal time/pulse counters for use in pumps, lift, dryers, UV lamps, kWh meters etc.
Our CODIX series offers functional, low-cost electronic display counters, position indicators, timer and rate indicators. And our electronic preset counters allow for distributed control and a reduction in cycle times.
Process Technology         CONTACT US

Process Technology

Process and Temperature displays, Process controllers, Strain-gauge controllers and Set-point generator.

Process    CONTACT US

Process Displays

Codix 529, 530 and 565.
Controllers      CONTACT US

Process Controllers

Codix 565 and 573.
Temperature       CONTACT US

Temperature Displays

Codix 531, 532 and 564.
Temperaturanzeigen       CONTACT US

Temperature Controllers

Codix 564.

Strain-gauge controllers

Codix 566.
Setpoint        CONTACT US


Codix 533.
zubehoer          CONTACT US


Accessories for process technology.
Our user-friendly, compact and functionally well thought-out CODIX process displays and controllers are suitable for all linear and non-linear analogue signals.
Our temperature displays and controllers lend themselves either to mounting in a panel or on a DIN-Rail.
Safety Technology          CONTACT US

Safety Technology

Systems and components for functional safety.

Safety modules for Functional Safety Technology      CONTACT US

Safety modules for Functional Safety Technology

Safety-M modules for safe drive monitoring.
Inkrementale Drehgeber für funktionale Sicherheit       CONTACT US

Incremental Sendix SIL encoders for Functional Safety

Sendix SIL encoders for safe position and motion acquisition, certified in compliance with SIL2/PLd or SIL3/PLe.
Absolute Drehgeber für funktionale Sicherheit         CONTACT US

Absolute Sendix SIL encoders for Functional Safety

Sendix SIL encoders for safe position and motion acquisition, certified in compliance with SIL2/PLd or SIL3/PLe.
Accessories           CONTACT US


T-bus connector, Programming cable, Programming software, Parameterising software.

Transmission Technology            CONTACT US

Transmission Technology

Slip Rings, Fibre Optic Module, Cables, Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

Schleifringe                      CONTACT US

Slip Rings

Slip Rings SR060 and SR085.
Anschlusstechnik                 CONTACT US

Connection Technology

Cables, Connectors and Cable Assemblies.
LWL                         CONTACT US

Optical Fibre Module

Optical fibre module for secure data transmission.
Zubehör                CONTACT US


Optical fibre cable and couplings, Slip ring maintenance kit.


OEM Products & Systems

Customer specific OEM Solutions: Display, measurement, control and mechanical integration.

Solutions for Industries           CONTACT US

Solutions for Industries

Lift Technology, Drive Technology, Energy Measurement, Packaging Machines and Wind Industry.

Lift Technology        CONTACT US

Lift Technology

Solutions for Lift Technology.
Smooth-running and safe.
Drive Technology              CONTACT US

Drive Technology

Solutions for Drives.
Reliable and economical complete encoder solutions.
Kwh Counters                 CONTACT US

Air-conditioning, Heating, Cooling and Humidity

Metering of energy consumption and hours run in one device.
Energy Measurement                     CONTACT US

Energy Measurement

Energy measurement technology that meets the highest demands for reliability and long service life.
Mobile Automation                     CONTACT US

Mobile Automation

Mobile automation solutions
Efficient, from one hand.
Stahl                        CONTACT US


Solutions for the Heavy Industry.
Reliable and sturdy.
Heavy Cranes                          CONTACT US

Heavy Cranes

Solutions for the Heavy Industry.
Reliable and sturdy.
Packaging Machines                          CONTACT US


Solutions for the Packaging Industry.
Sturdy and fast
Wind Industry                            CONTACT US

Wind Turbines

Solutions for Wind Turbines.
Safe and reliable.
Solar Energy                                 CONTACT US

Solar Energy

Solutions for Solar Energy.
Rugged and reliable.

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