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CROUZET Micro Control 
Crouzet ,  a leading manufacturer of automation control components, offers a range of products for all the major functions including control, monitoring, processing, automation and time management.

Leveraging its broad expertise across multiple disciplines (software engineering, electromechanical and electronic technology), Crouzet's experience in time management, physical values and electrical values has resulted in an automation components offering which includes logic controllers, timers, monitoring relays and counters.

Discover Crouzet's micro-control products: logic controllers, timers, control relays, counters, rate meters, machine safety equipment, temperature controllers, cam timers

Crouzet also adapts its products to meet your specific application requirements. These products are ideal for applications like heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment and pump management.


CROUZET Micro Motors

For 50 years, Crouzet has been an expert in electro-mechanical and magnetic circuit technologies, developing complete, customized, motorization solutions, including motors, DC geared motors, brush and brushless motors and geared motors, electronic boards, synchronous motors, stepper motors and linear motors. Crouzet’s vast ranges of brush and brushless DC motors are designed to operate in the most demanding environments, in mission-critical applications where security and reliability are crucial.

Covering a power range from 1 to 400 Watts, with flexibilities to combine with straight, worm or planetary gearboxes and adapted controls, Crouzet motors can be customized for specific applications in machinery and medical equipment, railway applications, and aerospace, as well as industry, pumps, access control, water treatment, advertising panels, etc.


CROUZET Solid-state relays

Solid State Relays & I/O Modules
Excellence through specialization

At Crouzet we are committed to providing our customers with innovative quality products. Our state of the art technology and years of expertise in designing and manufacturing solid state relays have resulted in an extensive line of solid state relays & I/O Modules. In comparison to electromechanical relays that wear and make acoustic noise, Crouzet solid state relays provide superior performance characteristics with no wear, acoustic noise, while offering substantially longer operating life.
To learn more about the Crouzet Solid State Relays & I/O Modules .



CROUZET Microswitches and Limit Switches

Crouzet, a leading manufacturer of automation control components, is a specialist in low-voltage snap-action electrical switching. We offer a wide range of microswitches, limit switches, specialized products for severe environments, manual override switches and sensors.

Whether as a one-off or in large volumes, standard or bespoke, Crouzet can adapt its products, from cable to connector, to specific components depending on your specifications.

Numerous industrial and onboard applications incorporate these components, in all types of environment, including those with serious technical constraints and/or stringent quality requirements.

Discover Crouzet switches: mini switches, limit switches, products for severe environments, manual override switches, sensors, etc.

These products are used in electrical switchgear, simple or nuclear valve controls, special civil engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, handling and lifting, medical equipment, wind turbines and more.


CROUZET Pneumatics

 For more than 40 years now, Crouzet the automation control components manufacturer, has offered a wide range of pneumatic products for simple automation systems using compressed air, without a source of electricity.
These products consist of human/machine interface components, position detectors, pressure switches, amplifiers, pneumatic logic components, electro-pneumatic valves and industrial vacuum components.

Air, a cheap renewable source of energy, is suitable for numerous applications, especially in hazardous/explosive environments (ATEX).

These products are found in packaging machines, valves, medical equipment, food processing machines, railway applications, hazardous and explosive environments, textile machines, industrial vehicles,industrial machines and more.

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