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WESTEC offers a range of Heavy Duty Connectors of more than 5000 items constantly increasing, using the very best materials in conformity to the international standards and to UL/CSA requirements.  > More Information
WESTEC / GW-connect heavy duty connectors are mainly used in control panels, robotics, industrial automation and wherever connections are required for power, control and signal circuits in industrial or in particularly harsh environments for the presence of aggressive substances. Multi-pole Connectors are suitable for the use with alternate and direct current and to facilitate the manufacturing process, installation and maintenance of sectional electric parts in complex machinery in accordance the most advanced European and American Standards. The inserts in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material UL94V0 are available with screw terminals, screw terminals with terminal block, spring terminals, crimp terminals and push-in terminals. Turned contacts manufactured for all inserts versions, are made in hard-silver or in hard-gold coated copper alloy. A complete range of stamped crimp contacts, supplied on reel, is also available alongside the turned version. Our choice to offer also this solution is aimed to those customers end-users who assembly a high quantity of connectors, allowing therefore the automation of the crimping operation.
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The technology used for the making of this kind of terminals is of particular complexity and the results we obtained is for us a source of pride. To the most common Plating in Silver and Gold the Tinned version have been added to allow a sensitive price reduction, even though ensuring considerable performances.
A large variety of enclosures is available with different combinations of components and materials, each one suitable to a specification industrial installation for standard, harsh and EMC environments. The principal parts are made in die-cast aluminium alloy with a finishing of polyester powder (nickel plated for EMC versions) or in self-extinguishing thermoplastic. They are resistant to impact or to high mechanical stress. Coupling stability and protection against accidental opening are assured by a single or a double locking system, comprising of mono-block levers in galvanized steel or stainless steel, springs and pegs in stainless steel or plastic. Sealing is assured by special gaskets that protect the insert inside the enclosures against dust, water and other aggressive agents. More Information
- Innovative design with ergonomic grip for hoods.
- Hoods /housing for EMC applications
- Hoods /housing for harsh environments
- Degree of Protection IP66, IP67, IP 69K (EN 60529)
- Degree of Protection according to ANSI/UL50, 50E, NEMA250 type 4/4x/12
- Electrical Connection with protective ground
- High mechanical strength and vibration resistance censure by locking levers
- Spring-loaded lockable metal covers
- UL approved

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Aluminium enclosures
Westec junction boxes are suitable for installation, circuit breaking, connection and control of electric and electronic equipments, and find their main application in industrial, automotive, railways, navy, tunnels, parkings, industrial buildings fields ensuring a high mechanical and vibration resistance with IP66 protection degree. > More Information
Two series are available for a total of 92 different models:
- Standard with polyester powder coating in different grey colour shades RAL 9006, 7001, 7035, 7037
- Sandblasted without coating
- For industrial application with EMC requirements
- HE for Harsh Environments and for high temperature up to 230°C
- ATEX Zone 2 - Zone 22
Fit for both industrial and building application
Inside the boxes te DIN rail or the metal plate can be assembled four mounting teminal blocks, breakers, fuse holders, control devices, transformers, electronic circuits, connectors, etc
Power and data interfaces  >More Information
The Westec interfaces allow an easy connection of the machine or of the equipment to external devices such as notebooks, diagnosis units, etc and also offer, in the case of need, a power supply socket for the same devices. The interfaces are sutable for standard industrial application (STD), for harsh environment application (HE), and for electromagnetic compatibility application (EMC). Offer a protection degree IP66/IP69K with cover duly locked by its lever.

Our interfaces are composed of a diecast Aluminium hood/housing with cover of the same series used for Westec heavy duty connectors,  that assure the mechanical strength necessary for the industrial application. Are available with one or two closing levers and are composed of a frame that contains a series of modules with the different power sockets or a wide range of data transmission connectors.

The data transmission interfaces use a series of couplers that allow the connection with cables already assembled on both sides: any soldering, crimping or any other assembly operation is therefore not necessary for the connection of the external devices through Westec interface system.

In our catalogue you can find the most common international power supply sockets and the most used data transmission couplers such as the USB, the RJ45, the D-Sub, etc.
A blank frame for the assembly of different kind of connectors or power supply sockets is also available.
Westec offers on demand, the interfaces hood/housing in grey colour RAL 7035, often used for the cabinets and control boards for machines and industrial installation.
We also recommend the purchase of the connection cables manufactured by Westec, due to the particular technical characteristics for the industrial and professional use.
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Cable glands and accessories
A wide range of cable glands in plastic and metal material and of other complementary accessories is available in stock to offer to our customer a complete set of correlated products.
Westec range is composed of:
-       Cable glands, fittings and adapters
They can be used combined with Westec Heavy Duty Connectors’ hoods / housings, with Westec’s die cast aluminium junction boxes and generally in those applications that require a protection to atmospheric agents of the appliances contained into boxes or housings, once assembled and cabled.
-       IP65 /IP66 nylon PA66 cable glands
-       IP68 nylon PA66 cable glands
-       IP65 /IP66 brass cable glands
-       IP68 brass cable glands
-       Extention tubes for flexible conduits
-       Adapters and reducers
-       Hexagonal nuts
-       Threaded blanking plugs nylon PA66 with IP66 gasket
-       Threades brass blanking plugs with IP68 gasket
The products listed above are available with metric and PG thread and with NPT thread for the USA market.

Code Pins
When a number of identical connectors with different functions ia mounted next to eachother, a careful selection might be needed in order to prevent the coupling of a mobile part on a non-corresponding fixed part with consequent damage and breakdown. To this purpose apposite code pins are supplied to be assebled in place of the normal insert fastening screws so to create impediments and constraints to the coupling of identical connectors. The combination of code pins makes possible to obtain a high number of selective couplings.
IP66 cable glands for ribbon cables
Westec introduces with satisfaction a new product dedicated to the assembly of ribbon cables. This kind of cables has the same requirements of the round ones and need a reliable protection of the cable assembly from atmospheric agents. More Information
WESTEC cable glands allow therefore the use, the locking and the IP66 / IP69K protection of ribbon cables in the assembly with waterproof housings and junction boxes or in other applications with same demands.
The special design of the clamping die, of the sealing and of the rubber gasket, ensure the performance of this product that is waterproof, dustproof and has a high resitance to salt, acid, alkali, alcohol, grease and general solvents. The use of Westec cable gland for ribbon cables gives an optimal protection of the assembly and extends the cable life.
Different cable glands are available to fit a range of dimensions of the ribbon cables that goes from 3.8 mm to 5.7 mm of thickess and from 18 mm to 76 mm width.
The cable glands for ribbon cable represent a news on the market as no other product with similar characteristics is currently available. Westec patented this product.
For the applications requiring the connection of ribbon cables to the Heavy Duty Connectors of Westec range, the hoods in STD, HE and EMC version, complete of cable glands are now available.

Insulated bush terminal >More Information

he end sleeves are used for the connection of stranded wires to connector inserts and terminal blocks with screw terminals. They are in accordance to DIN 46228/4. Made of copper tin plated with insulation in PP are available with colors in accordance to the DIN, Franch and German standards.

WESTEC range of end sleeves for stranded cables is avaialble with gauges from AWG10 to AWG22. End sleeves for double conductor D type are also available with color in accordance to DIN standard and gauge from 2xAWG6 to 2xAWG20 >More Information


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